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The Coalition to Extend PPRTA

Keeping El Paso County Moving Since 2004

Since its creation by voters in 2004, the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) has become the most important source of funding for major capacity expansions and intersection realignments in El Paso County. PPRTA connects key roads, making it easier to get around, and undertakes other infrastructure projects to ease congestion and keep traffic flowing in the Pikes Peak region. 

In 2012, the voters approved PPRTA’s reauthorization for a second 10-year period with 79.5% of the vote. This November, we have the opportunity to extend PPRTA for another 10 years.

Total Transparency

The November ballot question lists the exact projects PPRTA will complete over the next 10 years if the voters choose to reauthorize it. One hundred percent of PPRTA funds are spent on these designated projects, which ensures that our hard-earned tax dollars go directly to transportation improvements. With this approach, PPRTA is completely transparent, and voters know exactly where our tax dollars are going.

How are PPRTA projects chosen?

PPRTA’s proposed projects are developed by PPRTA’s local member governments and vetted by a Citizens Advisory Committee, not by politicians. That’s to ensure PPRTA is focused on the projects that will make the biggest difference to the people of the Pikes Peak Region.

No Tax Increase

The November ballot question is not asking for a tax increase. Instead, it simply proposes to extend the existing sales-tax (55 one-hundredths of a cent, or a little more than half a cent, per dollar spent) that has kept El Paso County moving since 2004.

What are the next round of PPRTA projects?

If voters reauthorize it, PPRTA will fund some crucial projects over the next 10 years. From the much-needed expansion of Marksheffel Boulevard to improvements of Colorado Avenue through Old Colorado City, PPRTA is poised to make life easier for motorists in every corner of El Paso County.

To read the list of projects for yourself, click here.

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